About Us

MTA Network – located in the beautiful city of Qingdao – provides Internships, Teaching Job opportunities, Chinese Classes, Chinese Visa services, China Homestay Program and Study in China programs within China by expats for expats!

Our company was established in 2014 and since then we have extended our market coverage from Qingdao City to the entire China. We currently work with over 50 National and International schools for teacher placements and over 30 National and International companies for internship placements.

The internship service is aimed towards foreign students or newly graduates that want to start their career in China and get international experience. We work with Medium and Large size companies. We have internships from all over the world with majors in various fields like International Business, Marketing, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Administration, Public relations, Sales and many more.

Besides the internship placement service, we offer, our interns, additional services to make their time in China comfortable. These services include: visa, accommodation (in a shared apartment or Homestay), Chinese Language Classes, 24*7 support and services.

Internship application process and additional services: 

Services MTA Network offers before the intern comes to China:

  • After the first contact we schedule the first interview with the intern to find out in detail about his/her educational background, experience and requirements.
  • Finding suitable internship position that matches the interns requirements.
  • Scheduling interview with the company.
  • Mediate any negotiations or discussions between the intern and the company.
  • Send invitation letter and any other documents that the intern will need for the visa application.
  • Assist with any issues that might appear during the visa process.

Services MTA Network offers after the intern comes to China:

  • Airport pickup.
  • Drop off at the apartment.
  • Welcoming package (including Qingdao Map, Redstar Magazine and promotion cards for different restaurants and bars).
  • Assistance with making the police registration.
  • Assistance with buying a Bus card and a Sim card.
  • Introduction of the living area and main points of interest including the company.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Free Chinese Classes.
  • Extracurricular activities such as Laoshan trip, Learn to make Dumplings, etc.
  • Drop off at the airport after completion of the internship period.

Teaching Recruitment

Teaching, is not just a skill but is something that comes from Passion, Drive and the desire to do something that matters, that makes a difference.
Here at MTA we relies this and whether you are a Professional or just getting started we have teaching Jobs to further your career as a teacher.

MTA Network is offering you the best teaching experience you can get. With high-quality positions in kindergarten, subject and ESL teaching, generous salaries and great benefits, for whatever you are looking for we can guarantee your experience abroad will be unforgettable.

We help foreign teachers (English teachers or Subject teachers) to find suitable full time or part time positions all over China. We currently work with over 50 schools (international schools, private schools and training centers). All our schools offer the basic package that includes: basic salary + flight reimbursement + house allowance or free accommodation. Besides this, each school offers additional benefits.

Our Study in China program is our newest addition to the service list. We work with several well-known universities in China that provide short term and long term education programs like Chinese Language program, International Business program (ICBP), Bachelors and Masters in Business, Medicine, engineering and so on.  

Here, at MTA, we are specialised in majors of MBBS, MIB, ICBP and Engineering. These Courses are open to all nationalities and are taught upon international platforms within our partner Universities. This means that they are all of International Standards, taught in English and are all universities with strong history, reputation and academic specialisation. 


We provide a large number of Medical Universities from all over China which are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India).  MTA Network also has an added bonus, as it has direct contacts and exclusive rights from several Medical Universities in China.

Rates vary from each university, we cooperate with universities located in Shan Dong province with whom we have strong connections with and guarantee the authenticity, reputation and quality of these universities and their provided programs. All the universities we partner with specifically for the MBBS programs specialise in MBBS Degrees & Courses.

We can guarantee that you will get admission in any of the mentioned MCI recognized Medical University in China.

Engineering courses

Engineering is a subject of many variety of industry and China in the 21 first Century is at the cutting edge of many of them.

MTA Network provides numerous kinds of Engineering courses with partner universities in China. Each universities are specialised in unique Engineering fields, this year of 2016 we are providing our services for applications for all the majors.

All our associate courses are internationally recognized from universities which specialise in all there perspective engineering fields, guaranteeing real education that can be applied to your chosen field and future.

Master of International Business (MIB)

Master of International Business (MIB) is a world-class, academically rigorous postgraduate program for international students. The graduates of the Master’s Program in International Business will possess profound knowledge of international business environment.

China is the world business hub it has attracted  businessmen  from all around the world. The curiousty of studying the business and business cluture attracts students from all over the world. The study, intership and work experience in China definatly boost the carrer path to limitless opportunities. 

We have cooperation with several internatially recognised univerities in China.

International Chinese Business Program (ICBP)

International Chinese Business Program is a short term study program. Its a one  sememster study program for the best understanding of the business in China. Its taught in English language. It has 7 courses such as China and the World Economy, Business Management in China, Investment in China, Marketing Management in China, Cross-Culture Management, Basic Chinese, Taiji and Case Studies.

The International Chinese Business Program starts in spring and autumn. The Guest lectures are from the different universities and the famous companies. Every week, there is an excursion to local and foreign companies such as Haier, Hisense etc.


China Homestay and Mandarin Language package.

We offer the opportunity to come to China and live with a Chinese family while studying Mandarin. Our China Homestay is a 1, 2 or 3 month program living with a family located in one of the central districts of Qingdao. We make sure that each Chinese family has a basic level of English and provides a single room to ensure privacy. Each participant will also have full internet access, breakfast, dinner and weekly family activities. We have a thorough family screening procedure to ensure programs are as comfortable and as constructive as possible.

 Chinese Visa services

The term Chinese visa covers a total of 16 different Chinese visa which can make applications confusing, long and not to mention a difficult process. Every Chinese visa is created for a specifc circumstance and knowing which one you need can be unclear. Whether you just need information or if you need help with your application, MTANetwork can help with both, the first step begins with searching for the correct visa that suits your situation.

Chinese Student Visa

There are two types of Chinese Student Visa. The Chinese X1 Visa and the Chinese X2 Visa.

The Chinese X2 Visa

The Chinese X2 Visa is a visa that is offered by Mandarin Language Schools in Mainland China, as well as university programs (usually semester programs) for a maximum of six months. The X2 visa can be extended within the city you originally received the invitation letter from, this means there is NO need to travel to either Hong Kong, South Korea or your country of origin. 

This extension will be equivalent to your previous Chinese student visa time period. For example if you had a 3 months X2 visa, you can extend it for another 3 months, if you had your X2 visa for 6 months then you can extend it for 6 months and so on.

After arriving in China you will need to register at the nearest police station within 24hrs. After this you must register at your school and begin studying.

*Note: The Chinese X2 Visa is a single entry Visa. Once you entered China, you cannot exit the country and re-enter again.

MTANetwork provides direct assistance with the Chinese X2 Student Visa.

The Chinese X1 Visa

The Chinese X1 Visa is different to the X2, due to it only being valid for a 30 day period. After arriving in China and registering with your university it must then be converted by the Entrance and Exit Bureau into a 1 year residence permit.

The Residence permit is a multi-entry visa, you may re-enter the country as many times as you like.

Chinese Work Visa

The Chinese Work Visa is the most complicated of all the visas we help to apply for, but don’t worry! After years of experience we have streamlined our services and are able to present a clear step by step guide to the Chinese working visa application process.

If you are in Qingdao or in Shandong Province we can carry out your application for you, taking the stress off your shoulders and guaranteeing successful application. MTANetwork also helps with the company registration process. If you need any assistance with this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Chinese Business Visa

Applying for the Chinese Business visa is not always easy. This is Dependent on your nationality, as  well as the current relations between China and your country. The Chinese Business visa’s purpose is often confused, inaccurate and misunderstood. We’re here to clear that up. The Chinese Business visa purpose is to invite representatives of a foreign business to China, to prospect, start or continue relations between companies.

On this Visa you cannot work or earn money legally in China. Finance should be paid to you from your own company abroad. To be clear, if you are on a Chinese business visa and you earning money domestically is the same as if you are on a Student Visa . These are both illegal situations that you can be held accountable for.

Why the confusion with the Chinese Business visa?

The truth is, lower end authorities don’t necessarily know the all legal aspects unless they are directly involved with immigration. In the past, there have been times where a business visa has been shown to a police officer and, because he’s not familiar with visas, he wouldn’t make to much of an issue about it. However everyone should be aware that police officers are becoming more and more rigorous with visa checks, call the appropriate officers in charge and to pursue legal action.

What else do I need to know about the Chinese business visa?

  • The Chinese business visa can be applied for in Hong Kong and South Korea
  • In some situations, supportive documents from your company may be required
  • The Chinese Business visa is often referred to as the Visa
  • The Chinese Business Visa used to be represented by the letter F, this changed in 2014
  • Currently the visa is for Chinese Culture related programs
  • The Chinese business visa is often (but not always) a multiple entry Visa, meaning that you may need to re-enter the country once every 30, 60, 90 or 180 days during the validity period.
  • Chinese Business visa extensions can be done within China at the Exit and Entry bureau.