9 Perks of Teaching English Abroad

[:en] Do you love traveling? Do you dream of exploring the other side of the world? I’m sure you do. But unfortunately, most people leave it […]

[:en]Summer Course[:]

[:en] About the summer course: When the end of the year arrives, we are always wondering what we are going to do during the summer. Some […]
Cultural Diversity

[:en]What Is Cultural Diversity?[:]

[:en] Cultural diversity is related to the cultural differences we have in a country, a society or to be at large in the world. We can […]
Education in China

[:en]Education in China (for parents)[:]

[:en] If you are moving to China with your family, the first thing you need to make sure of is that your children can attend a […]
Life in Qingdao

[:en]Life in Qingdao as an Expat[:]

[:en] I’ve been living in Qingdao for 4 years and I can say the expat community here is awesome. When you decide to move to China, […]
Qingdao International Schools

[:en]Qingdao International Schools[:]

[:en] An International School is a school that promotes international education. Qingdao has a few big International Schools and I would like to say a few […]
Spring Festival

[:en]Chinese Spring Festival[:]

[:en] Chinese Spring Festival, also called Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in Chinese culture. The Chinese New Year’s Day is calculated according to […]

[:en]The Lantern Festival[:]

[:en] The Lantern Festival is a very significant celebration for Chinese people. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month and it […]

[:en]The Chinese Zodiac[:]

[:en] The Chinese Zodiac was officially identified during the Han Dynasty (over 2000 years ago) but no one knows the exact date the zodiac was first […]
Why are tier 2 cities better than tier 1 cities in China?

[:en]Why Are Tier 2 Cities Better Than Tier 1 cities In China?[:]

[:en] As you all know, Qingdao is a tier two city. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!     Wonder why? Keep reading Cities […]