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About the summer course:

When the end of the year arrives, we are always wondering what we are going to do during the summer. Some of us have to work to make money but some others have the chance to travel. Traveling is a great thing but we can choose to do a summer course, which is better. Why? Doing a summer course allows you to study a language you are not very confident with. It can be useful for the next year at school, or to apply in a specific university or internship. Doing a summer course is also the opportunity for you to learn a new language easier and that, in an other country.
There are thousands of different summer courses around the world, so it can sometimes be difficult to choose. You first have to think about the language itself. Do you want to increase your skills in a language you already have? Do you want to discover a totally different language? Which one? What country do you want to explore? So many questions you have to think about. Doing a summer course is often quite expensive and you want to be sure it will be valuable and that you will enjoy it. Sounds normal.

The social benefits of doing a summer course:

Doing a summer course is a way to meet new and incredible people around the world and to build a strong network. People who choose to follow a summer course tend to be really outgoing and have the same goal as you, learning but also spending a great summer. It is also the way to develop strong social skills. The classes of the summer course are often smaller. Thus, allowing you to have more place and attention to express your ideas, your work and this, even if we you are shy. The summer courses also often offer extra activities, which is very interesting for you. You have the possibility to live a new cultural experience by discovering new traditions and habits. It is not only a question of traveling or learning a new language, but having a real life experience.

The academic and professional benefits of doing a summer course:

A lot of people have experienced traveling, going abroad for a summer class or for an internship. It is clear that doing a summer course is a real value for your resume. It shows that you are able to jump out of your comfort zone and that you are open-minded enough to explore new horizons and meet new challenges. Increasing your language skills and living a cultural experience by going abroad is a way to have “something more” than the other students who have the same degree or background as you.


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