China Homestay

About China Homestay


Our China Homestay is a 1, 2 or 3 month program living with a family located in one of the central districts of Qingdao. We make sure that each Chinese family has a basic level of English and provides you a single room to ensure your own privacy. You will also have full internet access, breakfast, dinner and weekly family activities. We have a thorough family screening procedure to insure your stay is as comfortable and as constructive as possible.

Why choose our China Homestay program ?

The real intercultural exchange

homestay-3-1024x341 Living in a Chinese family is much more valuable than a basic stay in an apartment. Why ? Simply put your cultural immersion is complete when living with a Chinese family, if you live alone in China, you actively miss out on all the experiences the promise of a family holds!
Going abroad and in particularly in China full interaction with the culture especially if you are not outgoing can be difficult. BUT through our cultural immersion program, you will always have the culture and experience just a hands reach away, for help, for introduction to new people and for travel! The Homestay will help expose yourself to the truest side of Chinese culture, beyond this your host family will be happy to share their culture and learn about you, out doing any apartment experience.

Learn Mandarin language and gain fast track results

Going abroad, in China, is definitely the best way to learn Mandarin. It can sometimes be difficult to transition into a new language, or switch from one to another at will. But when going abroad you are confronted by this challenge due to necessity, having a Chinese family to help you is an invaluable aid. The Mandarin language is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world,  and taking two hours of class a week is clearly not enough. Our Homestay program, combining being in China, living with a Chinese family and enrolling in our Intensive Mandarin Classes is the only way to not only boost your Mandarin in the short term but also gives you long lasting results.


A life experience through a cultural immersion

Traveling helps you to get out of your comfort zone, which is actually a really good thing. You will have to do more things by yourself and it will definitely help you to build a confidence and ability to adapt yourself in different situations and contexts. China is one of the countries which has a huge culture and in all points different of ours. Share moments with a Chinese family would really help you to understand that beautiful and surprising at the same time culture and to become much more tolerant and open-minded.

If you want to know more about our China Homestay Program, please contact us here!