Now that you understand the value of an internship in China, you can explore more options, create your package to get the most out of your experience.

Included Services

*The services below are included in all our packages.

Welcoming Package

When you arrive to Qingdao, we will start our welcoming package that includes Airport pick up, 24 hour emergency assistance, police registration, welcoming dinner, maps and guides, local SIM-Card, introduction to your company and much more! During your stay you will have the chance to participate in lots of activities and events.


During your internship, we will provide you a room in a shared apartments (typically with three bedrooms). We’ll make sure that your apartment will be located in central part of Qingdao, allowing you convenience and access to all areas of the city. We take away all of the responsibility of paying any bills and internet access. Leaving you free to enjoy your Chinese experience!


Obtaining a Chinese visa can be confusing and more than a little stressful. This is why we offer all the documents you need to make your visa application easier. Depending on your package duration we will provide you with a 1 to 6 month student visa.


Want More?

*These optional services can be added to your package at your own discretion


Mandarin Language Classes

While you’re doing your internship we offer you a great opportunity to learn mandarin. You can choose our one to one private class which includes 20 hours of classes per month. This allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule and make the best out of your stay here in China. If you want to not only experience your Chinese internship but to understand the language as well, this program is for you!

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China Homestay

China Homestay is another exciting program MTA Network presents. You can apply for this program with your internship. You will be able to live with a Chinese family and eat authentic Chinese food everyday, look much deeper into the culture and make another home here in China! Your host family is responsible for your accommodation, breakfast and dinner. This way you’re able to not only work on building your career but also truly experience what it’s like to live in a modern Chinese family.

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Our Suggestion

Doing an internship and learning Mandarin language will definitely give your career a great boost. But learning a new language quires lots of hours of practice. Living with a Chinese family while studying Mandarin will give you the practice time you need to ensure your language skills improve every day. This is why we suggest our All Inclusive package incorporating your internship, Mandarin language class and Homestay, giving you everything you need to maximize your time in China.

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