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MTA Network’s internship finder operates exclusively within China, matching you with international companies, providing a wide range of choices to suit the industry of your interest. You will experience an internship like never before!

Listed below we have internship categories supplied by our internship finder:

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical engineering industry is a wide and diverse sector within China. With it’s fast development and enormous manufacturing industry, a lot of valuable positions have been created. Mechanical engineering is one of the great industries of China. As a result large demands for foreign for mechanical engineers have increased, creating a lot of high quality internship opportunities. These Internships mainly cover installation, maintenance, operations of factory machinery and equipment. Our mechanical internship placements include but are not limited to the following fields: automotive, agricultural and forestry industries. If you’re interested in any of these fields, taking this first career step, into the world of mechanical engineering, will guarantee the transition from student to the next tier in your career.

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Fashion Internships

China has already become one of the largest fashion markets due to its consistent economic success in previous years. Now the economy is BOOMING with people wanting to purchase luxury products. The Fashion Industry has become more and more prevalent in China it is now set to become the largest fashion market within the next five years predicted by McKinsey & co to rise to 27 Billion us dollars by 2015. One fifth of the world’s total. China has now started to break into its own. China is now acting as a consumer giant but has started down the creative road and is now, showing the world a new way of designing. Doing an internship in China, and diving into the Asian fashion market will bring you bring you new career opportunities. It would also allow you to make changes by exposing your creativity and Western way of thinking. Internships in our partner company’s often include fashion shows, planned events & client communication, you will not be sitting around making coffee for staff members! These are just a few of the tasks you may be relied upon to do, some of our internships also include brand development & design. This is your chance to experience the Chinese Fashion sector first hand!

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Computer Science Internships

Computer science and software engineering are everywhere! China has thousands of factories and companies. Each one is utilizing computer science, whether if it’s for a websites, or apps games, software like accounting software or machinery controls. Needless to say that the industry is growing extremely fast, just like the other industries in China. But China is putting special attention to the high tech industry. The technology sector has became China’s most focused upon areas, meaning the development is paramount. Internships are becoming more and more available for computer science related graduates.

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Marketing Internships

China’s international trade sector is massive and it comes to no ones surprise that marketing, is a much needed skill for suppliers, buyers and sourcing companies in China. International Marketing personnel are crucial, therefore local as well as international companies often approach us for interns.

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SEO & Online Marketing Internships

Again marketing internships are very valued here in China and online marketing Internships are available. You will be taught to optimize websites and to create and implement marketing campaigns across the web to encompass a broad range of countries specific to your companies’ market strategy.

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All of the internships above are not the only Internships available, there are many more.
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