Why apply for internships?

          Before you apply for internships, you should bare these questions in mind:

1What will you learn from your internship?
Make sure you understand what your tasks will be and draw your own conclusions about what you will learn and how valuable this internship can be for your career.
2Will you learn more in your internship than a paid one?
Diana LaVigne executive Director of the non-profit Bay Area Bicycle Coalition was a student at Harvard University had this to say about internships:
“The ‘go fetch coffee, file thousands of documents and enter 10,000 numbers into a spreadsheet’ internships tended to be the higher paid internship positions and although they were often for a major firm – it didn’t excite me at all.”
Internships often mean the opportunity to obtain real knowledge and valuable experience.
3Will you be able to build your career through your internship?
Your internship will be providing you an opportunity to build the connections and networks necessary to land you a job. That is what Lindsey Olson learned after taking an unpaid internship at a public relations firm in New York.
– “I worked unpaid, but the experience and knowledge I gained from there was worth more than money could have offered.” – “Had I not taken unpaid internships and had I been too stubborn to see their value, it never would have paid off in the end like it has now”
Based on her performance in this unpaid internship, she was able to parlay an application for a social media internship into a paid position as the Evil Ambassador (aka Public Relations Director) for Evil Controllers, a video gaming company in Arizona.
Here is a few examples of successful entrepreneurs who’s foundations were built on unpaid internships: Steven SpielbergSteve JobsRobert Kiyosaki
4Is your internship legal?
In some countries the government can have strong opinion on unpaid internships. It’s important to do your research about the country, the company and the legality of the internship.

Here’s where we come in to answer all your questions about internships in China!

You will have the opportunity to Skype with your host company and clarify everything you need to know about your schedule, tasks and learning process in the company.

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You will gain invaluable experience with this program and you will definitely increase your chances of finding better jobs around the world!

Your internship will be 100% legal

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