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Learn The Mandarin Language in Our China Homestay Program


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step

- Laozi

Our China Homestay is designed for those who would like to experience an extraordinary cultural trip and broaden their personal horizons. During the program you will have the opportunity to stay with a local Chinese family in Qingdao and in the meantime, attend an intensive Mandarin language course.


Experience Chinese culture through our immersion program

Participating in our China Homestay program will give you the chance to see how Chinese people live. Thus, allowing you to have real insight on China, a more authentic one. You will also have this unique opportunity to discover one of the most diverse eating cultures in the world and to increase your Chinese skills like never before!

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Learn Mandarin language faster through our China Homestay

Why is it always a good idea to learn a new language, and in particular learn Mandarin? With China’s 1. 4 billion population speaking mandarin as well as other countries using it as an official language, China is today one of the most influential countries in the world. Learning Mandarin is an enjoyable and exciting opportunity, not only for great career prospects but also for your interests and personal development !

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Get a visa and enjoy your stay in full safety and ease

It can sometimes be difficult for foreigners to come into China, but with our resources and experience we guarantee a smooth visa application, unlocking the door to your Mandarin adventure!

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China and the Mandarin language

1What is the Mandarin Language?
China actually has 50 minorities, and all speaking their own dialect, the two most important ones are the Mandarin and the Cantonese language. The Mandarin language is the official language of China whilst the Cantonese is a different dialect that belongs to the much smaller GuangDong region located in the South.
2Why learn the Mandarin language?
Since the times of ancient China, emperors have been consistently trying to unite all of China’s provinces. The Mandarin language is the result of thousands of years evolution. It is now the modern day platform which not only stretches across all of China’s provinces but now it’s influence stretches across the entire world.
3What does the Mandarin language do for you?
The Mandarin Language holds unparalleled future prospects and adventurous experience in and outside China. It is a fact that learning how to speak Mandarin language increases opportunities all over the world not to mention in China itself. Whatever your goals may be, from doing business to study, the Mandarin language can help you achieve them. It can also be the way for you to get closer to one of the most fascinating cultures in the world and to  more experience and knowledge. Learning the Mandarin language would definitely open up new doors of opportunity and, who knows,  you may fall in love with China!
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