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MBBS Degrees (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery) are valued all around the world. It’s easy to understand why. This degree, in combination with a good university, is the key to unlock any ambitious student’s future as a doctor or other careers within the medical professions.

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Get MBBS Degree in China

The beginning to any worthwhile journey starts with a single step.

To most, looking to begin they’re MBBS Degree, this first step has already been taken and graduation from high school and good grades are that first imperative step. But the second?
This is where important decisions are made. This is where we provide China as one fantastic option that can help you towards your goal of pursuing your medical career. More and more post graduates are returning home to their perspective countries to enjoy the fruits of their studies and to find good quality jobs.

Throughout the last decade China has been providing good quality education to all international students and the MBBS Degree programs have been rising in popularity every year. Most of the Chinese universities have been mentioned in the “Directory of Medical Schools” by WHO. Chinese Ministry of Education created a high standard of education for International students.

We provide a large number of Medical Universities from all over China which are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) MTA Network also has an added bonus, as it has direct contacts and exclusive rights from several Medical Universities in China.

Rates vary from each university, we cooperate with universities located in All over China that we have strong connections with and guarantee the authenticity, reputation and quality of these universities and they’re provided programs. All the universities we partner with specifically for the MBBS programs specialise in MBBS Degrees & Courses.

Most of the Chinese Medical Universities rank among the best 500 Universities worldwide and it is about 70% cheaper than undertaking the same course in Europe or USA. For Indian students there is no donation system and very much affordable fees as compare to private medical colleges in India. The lower cost of living and tuition fees are one factor which might help you make your decision.

We can guarantee that you will get admission in any of the mentioned MCI recognized Medical University in China and there will be no hidden fees.

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