The Master of International Business (MIB)


The Master of International Business (MIB) is a world-class, academically rigorous postgraduate program for international students.
The graduates of the Master´s Program in International Business will possess profound knowledge of international business environment. They will be capable of understanding the rules of running business on international markets and creating sustainable competitive advantage. The Master of International Business is a postgraduate degree specifically designed to develop the capabilities and resources of managers operating in the global economy. It is designed primarily for those graduates seeking to establish or accelerate a career in international business. As there is no work experience requirements it is especially suitable for recent graduates planning on working in a multinational environment.

MIB degree courses

MIB Degree Graduates

Career possibilities include general management, export and import management, management consulting, international licensing, business policy consulting, joint venture management, foreign exchange trading and international business development. This course is especially relevant for students intending to work in the commercial, inter-governmental and non-profit sectors and others who wish to extend their skills in the analysis and interpretation of the global business environment.

Designed for pre-experience and early career professionals, the Master of International Business provides students with an understanding of the key concepts of international business with a global perspective, and a particular focus on the Asian context. Students will acquire relevant analytical skills to examine the forces that shape the changing of international business environments and operations, at both the macroeconomic and business firm levels.

The MIB has been designed to deal with the most relevant and timely contemporary issues with a global perspective. The MIB will provide you with the necessary breadth and depth in international business studies through a program of core study in economics, management, trade and strategy together with elective units chosen from a range of business disciplines in global marketing, international exchange, international law, and regional trade. MIB emphasizes problem-solving and communication skills, leadership and analytical abilities by offering you a unique international opportunity. By combining technical knowledge of international business with overseas experience through overlapping options such as an Industry Placements with a tailored Internships. These unique features of the MIB will help you develop and expand your personal international business networks, essential for managers who will be faced with complex international business issues.

Understanding the dynamics of overseas business cultures and dealing with international issues is the key to success in many fields. Through the International Business major, you will develop business knowledge and skills that address the challenges and opportunities of today’s global economy. You will gain a solid business foundation strengthened by insight into the multinational elements of business practice, including communication, economics, finance, management, and marketing.

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