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Madeline Fuchs Holzer

Teaching, is not just a skill but is something that comes from Passion, Drive and the desire to do something that matters, that makes a difference. Here at MTA we relies this and whether you are a Professional or just getting started we have teaching Jobs to further your career as a teacher.

Teaching in Qingdao, China. ESL. TEFL. Subject Teaching. Kindergarten Teacher.

Teaching in Qingdao

Why is teaching one of the most satisfying careers in the world?

Because as a teacher you grow from your job whilst showing all your students a better future. Beyond this, teaching can be rewarding in many different ways, and this is where we come in.
MTA Network is offering you the best teaching experience you can get. With high-quality positions in kindergarten, subject and ESL teaching, generous salaries and great benefits, for whatever you are looking for we can guarantee your experience abroad will be unforgettable.
Our Headquarters is located in Qingdao city therefore most of our teaching positions are here, but we can also find opportunities for you in various other cities.

Qingdao, China

Considered one of the oldest civilizations, with an extraordinary and diverse culture and tradition, China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and currently one of the biggest attractions for international experience seekers. Qingdao is a beautiful touristic city located on the east coast of China.
This city represents a pleasant combination between sea and mountains, between traditional and modern – the perfect representation of FengShui.


Are you looking for a Kindergarten teacher, an ESL teacher or maybe a Subject Teacher Job?  

The MTA guarantees all our teaching experiences as a career building, financially rewarding and enjoyable experience whilst conducting all our placements to professional western standard, all the while ensuring all placements are real and safe!

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Are you or want to be a Kindergarten Teacher?

Great! Our schools need you!
Teaching English in a Kindergarten can be one of the most fun and rewarding jobs. You will be surrounded by adorable little Chinese kids, teaching them Basic English throw fun activities, playing educational games and caring for them on a daily Basis. The classes are usually composed of a maximum of 10 students and as part of your tasks you will be in charge of creating lessons plans, utilizing the materials provided by the school, taking part in extracurricular and school activities.

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Are you or want to be a Subject Teacher?

Great! Our Schools need you!
As an ESL Teacher you will be teaching students of all ages. Depending on your own preference and your ESL skills we can place you in one of partner schools, where you will be teaching students aged between 7 and 12. However if your ESL skills are suited to older ages we can also offer you opportunities to teach to high school aged students or adults. Job can chose between one on one class or group class teaching. Normally the group classes will consist of no more than 6 students and your main tasks will be to create your own lesson plans, manage the class and communicate with your students in and out of the classroom.

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Are you or want to be a Subject Teacher?

Great! And you guessed it, our schools need you!
For our Subject teacher recruitment you can find positions from Math and Science teacher to Physical education and Music teacher. You will be placed in one of the Qingdao International Schools where you will teach of of all ages. Benefits of teaching in China For any of the options mentioned above, you will be provided with:

  • A high paid teacher salary
  • Z Visa from the school
  • Flight reimbursement
  • Accommodation allowance

Teaching in China does not only add diversity and a unique experience abroad to your c.v. but will also give you the opportunity to visit this amazing country, where there is so much promise and international influence, not to mention all the exciting traveling opportunities!

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All Positions have openings and are needed immediately!
For details about specific job descriptions please check out our Teachers recruitment boards for Kindergarten TeacherESL Teacher and Subject Teacher positions.